Charitable Activities

Our charitable activities are focused on two specific areas of support: 
 Small local voluntary and community groups 

People who are financially vulnerable
In both cases we work in conjunction with other organisations to fulfil our aims. 
More information about the organisations we have supported can be found HERE

The Charity Lifeline Community Benefit Fund
We offer grants for running costs and small projects.  Local, small community and voluntary groups based within Cambridgeshire are invited to apply for a grant of between £100 to £500.

Applications should be made by letter, providing details of the group or organisation, and what the grant would be used for. Each application received will be reviewed within 4 weeks of receipt.

Letters should be emailed as an attachment to:
The GENERATE Programme
We want to work with community and voluntary groups to help them to generate their own funds. “GENERATE” is a partnership  The main activity within the “GENERATE” programme is based around our day to day business of selling donated items online.  The group will gather donations (goods and objects) and then we will together to prepare the items for selling. Once sold the net income will be shared equally between the group and Charity Lifeline.
If you would like more details please contact us, tell us the name of your group and the best way for us to contact you
Supporting Financially Vulnerable People
We hope to be able to help people who find it difficult to make ends meet and are lacking some of the t
hings that most of us take for granted, like furniture, bedding and clothes.
We are currently working in conjunction with the St. Ives Foodbank and hope to be able to work with other foodbanks soon. Anyone wanting assistance and support must be referred to us by another agency. We are not able to deal with direct requests but have provided a logo link to St. Ives Foodbank
St. Ives Foodbank
Charity Lifeline CIC, 50 Edison Road, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 3LF
Phone: 01480 492332
Community Interest Company limited by guarantee no: 08457448